Tuesday, August 24, 2010

teens, tv and lying oh my!

My son is 13. He's a great kid. I mean bone-deep a great kid. I just wanna squish him.
Except when I don't.
Me (as I stare the the sandwich he skipped eating today) - "Did you make your sandwich for tomorrow?"
Him (as he watches TV) - "Yes"
Me - "Are you sure it was tonight you made it?"
Him (still hasn't turned around) - "Yes - tonight."
Me (trying to give him the opportunity to come clean) - "What utensils did you use? I don't see anything out here.."
Him - "The same knife I used at dinner....."
Me (fed up) - "Dude I've found today's sandwich. The knife hasn't been used. If you don't come clean you're not going to so and so's house for a month - are you sure you don't want to come clean..?!"
Him (slowly turning around and ducking his head) - "I did't make it - it's from today."
Me - "Was it so hard to tell me the truth..?"
Him - "Yeah..."

I then reminded him that lying is slimy. Disrespectful. Wrong. Etc. He doesn't know why he did it and why he didn't come clean earlier on rather than stick with the lie...

But don't worry according to this article it's normal.
Oh yay..........


♥ Lisa ♥ said...

Have to admit I was that kid. I have no idea why I didn't want to tell the truth, though looking back I think it was because I didn't wanna get asked questions about why I didn't eat lunch, how it was important and so on and so on.

*smoosh* Missed you!

tv companies said...

All kids try to pull the wool over parents eyes. The key is to keep an open and honest relationship with your child. I'm amazed at the stuff my kids tell me. And that's because I'm available and non-judgemental. I'm not trying to live their lives for them. I tell them repeatedly that they are responsible for their own decisions. If you are honest and trustworthy why shouldn't little Johnny be?