Tuesday, August 24, 2010

where does the time go?

So it's been several months since I've Blogged. It was a busy spring and summer. What can I say? Life has a way of getting in the way of online life...

So let me bring you up to speed. I'm working now and have been for several months. It's currently on a "temp to perm" basis and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it goes "perm" sooner rather than later. My son had some respect/behavioral challenges at the end of the school year and went under what we call "lock-down". He's now re-focused and on the right path. He's such a great kid. Oh and he's now an active Young Marine (great youth group). I simply couldn't be more proud of him or the young man he is becoming.

I've still had my eyes and ears on Washington and Sacramento. Naturally, I find myself stumped that folks still just don't seem to "get" what Obama's real mission is. Or what the Liberals' mission is. Or the fact that even our "allies" in Congress (i.e. Republicans) have lost their way - or rather have been lost for a very long time. DUDES - it's time for a big spring cleaning. We need to start over from scratch!!!

And I certainly don't understand why so many in my state are so willing to fight for Prop 8 and the right for all to marry, but won't spend the same energy fighting for individual rights in terms of health care. Or so many other individual rights that are being squandered and stolen from us.

More recently, I've been educating myself more on Islam. And what I'm learning scares the shit out of me. This is not a religion to be taken lightly or ignored. (In fact there isn't any real distinction between the religion and government.) I know that many folks are tired of hearing about this Mosque at Ground Zero - but it IS a huge topic. And no, I cannot contest the legalities involved. Sure legally it can be built. No laws are being broken. But it is HUGELY insensitive to the violent terrorist acts that were committed there. More than that? I believe it is one more victory stroke for the Jihad that is being waged. One more foothold in our nation.

You can bet that if someone wanted to pay for a big bulletin board across the street from said Mosque repudiating Islam - there would be Hell to pay. And I bet the board would be taken down very quickly due to being "intolerant" or "offensive". Yet hey - let's just let them build a trophy Mosque near Ground Zero. SURE...

I've got a couple of really interesting videos I want to share. I have to do my part to share what I'm learning. Education is not the same as intolerance. However, while I tolerate many religions around me (being an athiest I sort of have to) - I will NOT tolerate being blind to a so-called "religion of peace" or to those who practice it. Islam is something that people REALLY need to open their eyes and brains to. I have many other links that have been collected and sent to me that I hope to share over time.

3 Things About Islam

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