Wednesday, September 1, 2010 you feel that generation gap?

As we were driving home from the gym (me) and karate class (the boy), we had a not so lovely talk about the music he's been immersing himself in. A lot of it is mostly harmless - good dance music that I myself would want to listen and be-boop (that's right I said it) out to. But not all of it. The station is a local R&B/Dance/Hip Hop station and some of the songs are just too grown up.

For example, they are playing the hell out of "Love the way you Lie" by Eminem. Someone tried to tell me it's an anthem AGAINST obsessive/abusive relationships. However, when you watch the video (very steamy yes, but completely "wrong" in tone and nature for our youth to watch) and listen the lyrics, it more or less is just a story about obsessive/abusive relationships. Like- this is simply what it's like. I'm sure when he wrote the lyrics he was thinking of his much-publicized troubles with his wife, Kim. ANYWAY - the terrible thing is that he has wrapped his lyrics/rap in a hugely awesome and addictive hook. I mean it sounds GREAT. It is physically difficult to turn it off the radio when it comes on - it just sounds that good. But turn it off, I do. Because - the subject matter is atrocious.

So here I am trying to talk to my son about variety in his music. Luckily for me, he really likes a lot of different stuff. I mean he sings songs from "Glee" over and over (and over) as well as country and rock (old and new). This kid likes classical. And yeah, he likes what "the young kids" are listening to with all of the nodding of the heads and veiled (and not so veiled)innuendos - AND unfortunately for me ties/threads to what some call "culture" in terms of urban life/gang life. Because there is no denying that even if pop/techno/hip hop songs are relatively harmless - they still are tied (even loosely) to that OTHER crap. The very negative crap that I've STILL yet to see positive come from. Even after all of these years.

And I've been looking. I've long been a fan of many forms of music and I'm not that old. These styles of music were evolving when I was in my teens and then took hold when I was in my 20's. So it isn't like I'm a complete boob and know nothing. And what I do know is that there still isn't much to be positive about in reference to this urban "culture".

And it's something that I'm working hard to keep my son from de-sensitizing himself to. Even when I sound like my mother did as we watched Madonna rolling around on the stage floor and I just thought that woman was so very cool and strong. And she was. But really? The stage floor?! Hell now - when she opens her mouth on world events, I want to shove a sandwich in it - although I still dig the woman's music........

In other news, color me VERY interested that a Tea Party candidate took the primary in Alaska. I just find that so very interesting. Interesting indeed for what is to come in November baby!

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