Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...the job hunt has moved to the forefront

I've been MIA and this is mostly due to more concentrated efforts on my part to secure employment. What time I've spent on the pc has been spent fine-tuning and posting resumes, emails, reading articles, etc....I've also been having to do some micro-managing of the boy. I swear, do all twelve year-olds just develop a MOUTH overnight? (I think the sad truth is they do..because I seem recall I might have?~!)

However, I was amused to read this Editorial @ The Washington Times (and thought I'd share) vs. this nonsense, Highs and Lows of Obama's first 100 days - which certainly seemed to leave OUT lots of things that occurred in that time. What is wrong with the media? (*Don't worry I know the answer, I just don't understand the WHY*) *sigh* There are many other articles I could complain about or bitch about, but as I sit here tonight listening to my son sing off-key with his MP3 player going and putting dishes away, I'm just not going to expend the energy. After all, I do have a phone interview tomorrow (oops I didn't mention that yet did I?!) and I don't want to get depressed!

I am, however, going to pimp a show that my Dad talked to me about a few years ago, and that a couple of other people recommended to me. That show is The Unit. Talk about some great patriotic TV. The men of The Unit are far from perfect, but they are men who serve their country unfailingly. It's a great drama with a lot of gritty action. This is a show that I encourage my son to watch as well. Goodness knows he needs all of the positive male role models I can toss his way. We've watched all of the seasons and are all caught up and I'm afraid it's in danger of being canceled. So please try this show out!

Anyway, sorry for the disjointed post. Off to cook, interview prep, hang with the boy, and try not to obsess with the sad state of our nation.


Surly Mac said...

Sounds like your priorities are straight - and I wouldn't worry about 'disjointed' or not addressing All Things Obama. I know I'm simply on BO OVERLOAD and unable to write about it; every day it's some new, jaw-dropping, unbelieveable and obscene Presidential/Congressional insult to the integrity and well-being of the Country. Who can keep up? Who can even believe it's happening? That's how The Big Lie works...
Good luck with the hunt.

DD2 said...

You got it right Je, you nailed it perfectly.
Great blog

Northwest Minuteman said...

What's wrong with the media? I think a shorter list might be what is right with the media.


Joe Reboy said...

Naturally I'm praying for you toget backonyour employed feet soon. My big problem, and you're gonna see the irony inthis one right away, is that I can't get replies from my job listing for Customer Service. I need the position filled, I'd hire you, but the gas bill would be ginormous since we're on opposite ends of the country. But people have too damn much unemployment and not enough incentive to find work (present company of course excluded...).

I envy you dropping the hussein crap for a little while. It makes us all a little nutty.

My 15 year-old has a terrific singing voice, but when he grabs his CD player and headsets it's time to run for the hills. He is "old-school" and has never used the MP3 player I got him. He grudgingly accepts CDs but prefers vinyl.

But he still can't sing worht a damn once he's got the headsets on.

Stay black and proud, stay beautiful, we love ya woman.

Elizabeth said...

Ah the Unit. I watched it season one then stopped for reasons that had nothing to do with the show. I majorly need to catch up. I will put it on my list of things to do this summer.