Friday, April 17, 2009

...Freaky Friday

That's me!!! [The next photo is my sister & mom with our signs] I had the great honor to attend a TEA PARTY in Pleasanton, CA. I've been meaning to blog about it, but just haven't been able to sit down to do so until today. It's been hard to put into words the feelings I've been carrying around with me since Wednesday. Honestly. I've never been more proud to be an American. The experience was absolutely heart-warming and enriching. I cannot tell you how great it was to see so many people come out and stand up for what they believe in. We also were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather - just the icing on the cake. I've been listening practically non-stop to Rush, Sean, Brian, Mark, etc. since then. And frankly their sentiments echo my own. AND they are way more eloquent than I could ever be. So if you want to know how I'm feeling - spend some time listening in! :)

There were people from all walks of life in attendance: Old, young, male, female, families, single people, black, white, asian, hispanic - you name it! We had some great speakers: Brian Sussman from KSFO, Tom Del Beccaro from Political, and Mayor Abram Wilson from San Ramon [a black man by the way - do you hear that Ms. Garofalo?!!] to name a few. I loved how the Mayor repeatedly affirmed in his speech that elected official work for US [you and me] - it's not the other way around. We had lovely patriotic music. There were only a few police officers hanging around to make sure that nothing got out of hand. Although I'm sure they were expecting trouble from any ANTI-Tea Party protesters [and there were only a few] - NOT from us? The entire afternoon was dignified and peaceful.

One of the greatest highlights for me was when people were going out to the sidewalk in between speakers and holding out their signs for the public to react to. There was a lot of traffic since we were in a park next to the Post Office and it was Tax Day! Well the honks that people were getting were fantastic!! I've never heard so many honks. Seriously! Truly awesome. See, there is this busy corner of Redwood Road and Castro Valley Blvd. (in Castro Valley near where I live) where practically every week there are protestors with signs up about impeaching Bush - well not anymore - and against the War, etc. And while they might get a few honks - they NEVER get the kind of reception that I witnessed yesterday. I told my sister and my mom that we'd have to take our signs and go and stand on that same corner to see the reaction we'd get?!

This experience has truly uplifted my spirits. People are ready to stand up for their country and demand to be heard. People are pulling together to remind government that they work for us. People are remembering what they learned about our Founding Fathers and what they went through to create this great Nation.

BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED! Consider me irate, annoyed, and frankly PISSED OFF this afternoon [still high on the inside I guess!] I just watched that awful clip with Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann. I couldn't believe the venom and lies coming out of her mouth. Have you seen this crap? I have never been called a racist so many times in my life as I have in the past 3 months.

I ask the question again, "So if you didn't like any of our other Presidents [all of them white] does that make YOU a racist?!"
Come on people - haven't we moved past this issue?

I think it was Mark Levin yesterday who said [in response to mainstream media commentaries on the Parties], that, "...the wars against slavery and segregation have been fought and won..." And he's right! They have been. They were won. We're now in a war for our freedom.

*sigh* I'm so ticked at the awful news coverage that the Tea Parties have gotten. Completely skewed to the left and not impartial at all. Sure there were going to be some signs that were negative towards the President. HELLO?! Are the liberals going to say that in any one of their many many protests signs were NOT disparaging towards Bush or other Presidents? SERIOUSLY?? Give me a break. I've been telling everyone I can about my personal experience with the Tea Party in the hopes that they won't buy into the crap that they see on the TV.

But I guess that in the scheme of things we don't have as much right to protest as the left wingers. Right? That's what they are telling us. From what I can gather most events were similar to mine - there were permits that had to be gotten and they were peaceable. We didn't have streets shut down in order to have our voices heard or throw trash or other paraphernalia to get our points across. Nope. We just exercised our right to Free Assembly [but it wasn't free mind you] and held up our signs. Sure I can see what the media and left wingers are so mad about.... OOPS MORE OF US SHOWED UP THAN YOU THOUGHT WOULD RIGHT?! Jackasses. That's right - we're awake now, bitches. How do ya like them apples?

Man..I'm just so MAD. But even more importantly, I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that the media is painting this very special event as only a Republican event. What happened to journalism? Just when did the press turn into such pandering, weak-minded, fearful, and catering robots? Seriously. WHEN did that happen?! It's horrific. What is surging right now in this country is a real movement - an American movement. An American re-awakening as you will. This movement respects the very simple and explicit laws and articles of the Constitution. And that's EVERYONE's issue. And the media should be reporting on THAT. They should be celebrating Americans waking up and going back to their roots.

And don't even get me started on the Janet #2 debacle. Seriously. Target people like me as threats to our nation - not Islamic Radicals, Terrorists abroad or at home, or hell even Iran or North Korea. No no no..I'm much more of a threat. Pfft....what an idiot.


Angry Tax Payer said...

Oh I hear you Jenn. I feel exactly the same way. While my experience at my local tea party was uplifting and wonderful I was utterly disgusted with how the main street media try to portray us. So we are now officially a right-wing extremist huh? Well screw them all cause I'm damn proud to be one. Kieth Olbermann can suck it! (Ok, my blood pressure is going up...)

Surly Mac said...

Nice post Jenn - and congratulations to you and your family for sticking up for America. Yours is a partly Heart-warming, partly Heart-breaking story being shared by tens of thousands all over the country tonight. Read my post tomorrow for more info, please: I'm too tired and dispirited to finish it tonight.
Thanks again and God Bless America and Americans.

Joe Reboy said...

Maybe it's my East Coast side coming thru here, but Janeane Garafalo's comments do not bother me. In fact, if you're down withit, I'd like to link to your piece and do a little blog on it as well.

This kind of dogmatic assemblage of words is something that needs to be pointed out to the people for it's generalization, wrong-headedness, and Leftwing Zombie spillage into the media.

In fact I may just re-download the clip and then re-upload it with more appropriate titling back onto YouTube.

Thanks for the find, it's stuff like this that adds fuel to the fire. And the more a critical dissemination of these things happens, the more people can really judge who is right and who is wrong.

Frankly, were I to be given a few minutes of time to speak about anti-leftist thoughts I would be armed with information, facts, and a passion for providing solutions.

Janeane was armed mostly with what she believes to be her quick wit, and as my tackling dummy is temporarily otherwise engaged I'm more than prepared to take her on and make her MSNBC session as public as I can.

Glad you had a good time going out to the public. I have to admit, I was impressed as hell that the Tea Parties made as much of a wave as they did. I figured it would be covered in a ho hum manner and president hussein would simply ignore them, but to hear him defensively stammering that he HAD given us some of our own money back was priceless.

It's just the first hammer blow into the wall of liberal control, but it shook their foundations and upped the ante.

Stay with us, stay strong and don't get angry, get even!

God bless you and everyone else for protecting America in public like this. She's a lady worth making the effort for.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at, 7

Just Jenn said...

Thank you for your comments, guys. In the bigger picture scheme of things name calling by Janeane doesn't really matter. I think what really stuck in my craw was how blatantly hateful and uninformed it was AND IT WAS AIRING ON THE NEWS. Hey - go ahead spew spew spew. But when we stand up and dissent we're not allowed our same voice. And while we already know that media coverage isn't fair and impartial - it still just CHAPS MY HIDE sometimes and I have to vent at the hypocrisy!

I thank anyone who takes the time to muddle through my blogs!!!

Deadman said...

Okay, I should have scrolled down further...