Tuesday, March 31, 2009

...no time for fear

I read this post today and wanted to share it: Read Here

The speed at which Obama and his Administration is moving is astonishing. As advised, I'm trying to stop being afraid. I'm working on maintaining a slightly simmering anger to keep the fear demons at bay. And I thank those of you that have reminded me that FEAR is what this Administration is cultivating. So no I will not fall prey.

I do not think that this bodes well for America. Why on earth court those that despise us? Is he going to try and ensure them that now America is ready to play nice and be more like them?

On a lighter note, Jon Stewart was pretty funny recently and DEAD ON. Check it out!

Truly this gives me hope that people in America are starting to slowly wake up from the post-election high. *fingers crossed*

If this report from Russia Today is to be believed, I wonder when/if the bigger media sources will pick it up?!


Surly Mac said...

Nice post - Stewart CAN be funny. While you are practicing not feeling FEAR, don't be AFRAID to turn up the HEAT on that simmering anger! Thanks for being "...on the edge".

Joe Reboy said...

I'm on a binge to lighten up my anger lately as well... remember.... I SAID you were not alone. I watched both the PC-invasion clip (scary scary stuff!) and the Daily Show clip... (funny funny stuff...) and enjoyed both for different reasons.

Also I'm gonna buy a cabin in the woods and get a manual typewriter from now on in..

Remember, if they can LOOK at your PC they can also PUT THINGS ON YOUR PC.

Just Jenn said...

I was actually surprised to see Jon Stewart be funny in this way - I had just assumed he'd be liberally skewed on his show all of the time. That thought made me sad since I'd watched him long before The Daily Show gig. But! Perhaps I was wrong.