Wednesday, April 1, 2009

...we're the smallest minority in the world

A friend shared this link with me today and it's fantastic. It's a monologue/speech by Rush Limbaugh that I just had to share with anyone who will listen. When you click on the link, you can either read it or click on either WMP or REALPLAYER to listen for free. Enjoy - and remember not to give up your individuality!


This is a great video that reminds us just what form of government our Founding Fathers fought/worked so hard to create. I was lucky enough to find it on another blog I read! Share it with as many people as you can!


RightKlik said...

The Constitution was written to protect the "minority of one," but we've forgotten about that.

Thanks for the link to Rush. Great find.

Joe Reboy said...

Jenn, I bypassed Rush to instead watch the video on the history of Government. Tremendous find! Thank you very much for passing it on, and keep up the good work.

Surly Mac said...

'The American Form of Government' is the single best addition I've ever encountered in a blog. Thank You! This is the exact 'lesson' I've tried to 'teach' to people I've met along the way since about 1961 - but of course, so much better than any of my pathetic efforts. In celebration of the bicentennial (7-4-1976), I invited all my neighbors to a drop-in all-day party. I had a very nice copy of the Declaration periodically read out during the day & invited all to sign in symbolic support of the contents. 35% refused to sign on to the Declaration of Independence with more than 1 stating that this document was subversive and had nothing to do with America. These were working, voting American adults - each having benefited from an education that was superior in many ways than is attainable today. Sorry for the long comment - thanks for the excellent post.

Just Jenn said...

I can't thank you enough, RightKlik, for having posted that Government video link - it's just so fantastic. I'm posting it everywhere I can - EVERYONE should watch it.

Thanks for the great comments Joe and Surly; I'm so glad that you also liked the post and links!