Monday, March 30, 2009

...get me off this train please! Read below:
Obama's Most Perilous Legal Pick

I just keep wondering when people will start to wake up from the "dream" they have been living in for the past several months. People - please!? Wake up and smell your freedoms and rights being tossed into the nearest recycling bin and burned efficiently!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to concede that this all does get a bit depressing from time to time- but that's all the more reason to fight. Some people are starting to wake up up- whether enough of them will wake up in time is another question.

Nice blog, and thanks for the follow.

Surly Mac said...

David Limbaugh did a good piece on this Piece of... Junk KOE on as well. I wish I could be a witness when The One sits down with Benjamin Netanyahu.