Friday, March 27, 2009

...this isn't the book I want to be in!

I read George Orwell's terrifying and horrible story "1984" in high school. In 1984 actally. I totally hated it then and hate it now. The government or "Big Brother" told people how to think, what to think, when to think, etc. Yes it was boring reading to my 14 year-old mind, but I got the gist. And I HATED it.

And here we are 25 years later and I'm feeling as if I'm being pulled kicking and screaming into those pages that I loathed so much in my youth. I'm scared. I'm terrified. And I'm ANGRY. Why on earth do I feel as if I'm one of the precious few that are "immune" to the virus that is going around and spreading like wildfire now? Why on earth won't people wake up and see what is instead of spending so much of their time in the "promise" of what "can be"? HELLO?! People? You won't be able to save anyone or the world if you're brainwashed!

I am simply and utterly frozen in my tracks. I do not know what to do. I do not know how else to reach people and urge them to use their good brains and not allow themselves to be led to their ruin. What on earth can we do? How do we wake people up? I'm actually feeling quite depressed about it - really. I'm so sad for America. I'm so sad for my friends - conservative or not. A lot of them are good decent people and they just are not seeing what is going on around them. I get wanting to feel protected and safe - but this SO isn't the way!

What can I do?! I want out of this story!!! It has no future!


Obama Nation said...

I'm also sad for America. I'm very worried about my future. I'll only be 22 when Obama's out of the White House, and I'm really afraid of what life's going to be like then.

Joe Reboy said...

Fear is the goal of the new administration (amusingly enough, since the main complaint against Bush was that he capitalized on fear to get re-elected...) and is the first thing that should be set aside. There ARE ways... some not so spectacular, to make a difference. Find your local chapter of the Conservative Party and participate in their activities, and talk about it with other people. I'm excluding the Republican Party because they have already let us down big time and need to earn our trust back.

The next most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We who believe in conservative values and... let's face it... rational thought, have simply become the disenfranchised of society. If recent history has shown us anything, it's that those who move in the shadows can gain strength over time and recalim lost territory.

So long as our cause is just and our goal is a better world for everyone (but not at knife-point...) then move into the shadows, plot, conspire, become an activist, and as another blogger (he refers to himself as "The Old Jarhead"....) pointed out in a very well-written entry that above all we must remain positive and follow the example of Ronald Reagan who spoke of how great a country we live in.

If you know Fear is their goal, then you should know not to fear, but to foment rebellion against that fear.

Just Jenn said...

Well said Joe - well said. And I thank you for the reminder. Thank you both for your comments.