Monday, March 16, 2009

...things are looking up?

What a difference a week makes, eh? It would appear that the steady and hard-working Orly Taitz is starting to get heard. She has been making the rounds. She has been doing her due diligence and discovering that perhaps the clerks have been working to keep cases that deal with Obama's eligibility away from the Judges' eyes. How scary is that?!

Chief justice publicly accepts WND's eligibility petition
Her Motion to Reconsider
Three Cheers for Orly Taitz

I sincerely hope that the documents/cases get heard now. Apparently they haven't even made it that far. It's one thing to have your case heard and then dismissed for legal grounds - but to not even get heard? COME ON!

This issue is huge. The Petition numbers continue to grow. There are over 330,000 signatures made by American Citizens that want these allegations to be heard. Over 330,000 American Citizens that doubt their President's eligibility. It needs to be heard and addressed. What is our country coming to if in fact we cannot get heard?

In further good news, it would appear that Obama's popularity is slipping. The American people are not as excited about his performance as they were about his possibilities prior to Office. I am not surprised. As fast as he's been pushing the Left-Train around the tracks, it was bound to get some notice and raise eyebrows. He certainly campaigned a little more moderately than his actions are showing. In truth, I believe that the majority of the Democratic Party aren't lefties & tend to vote somewhat towards "middle ground" or "slightly conservative" anyway. And now they're seeing that the man they put into Office is VERY left. And they aren't liking that.

Lastly for today, I just Signed a Tea Party Petition, won't you?


Joe Reboy said...

Well said, JJ. Think I might just plop my ol' nom deplume down on one of those petition thingies.....

Surly Mac said...

Well, I just had to show a complete birth certificate to get a MO State Driver's License - seems to me we have a right to know who's the POTUS. I signed on at your petition link! Thanks and good post.

Ceredwyn said...

The wheels of justice turn very very slowly, but once they start moving...Thank God we still have a majority of conservatives sitting on the supreme court. It may be the one thing that saves us.
I'm living for the day that man is impeached. But then, how can you impeach someone who wasn't qualified to run for office in the first place??
Good blog, Jenn. Thanks.