Monday, March 9, 2009

...buhbye wikipedia

Well. Now Wikipedia has folks deleting articles/posts mentioning questions surrounding Obama's eligibiilty, as well as past associations with Ayers.

Like the article states, Bush's articles don't seem to getting the same "cleaning" treatment. Of course not.

What's next? Um - probably this blog and others like it.
Welcome to the new world.


Joe Reboy said...

Wikipedia is at best a first place to look for info, but has never been reliable due to it's open-source nature. I could easily go in and plant lie after lie about the kid who plays Ron Weasely in the Harry Potter movies and it would be up to the rest of the readers to correct it.

It is an unreliable source of info, due to this inherant accuracy problem.

Still, it means that "they" are out there watching and continueing on with their social engineering programs.

Just Jenn said...

I know that about Wikipedia. However, this is still alarming to me.

Surly Mac said...

Winston Smith (protagonist, Orwell's "1984") did equally fine work at the Ministry of Truth ("Mini-Truth" in Newspeak). Due to his "Hawaiian" ancestry, B.O. may be known as "Big Bruddah" when this is over...