Friday, March 6, 2009

...if only

Imagine you are a police officer. You and several other experienced and trained police officers are in the middle of a hostage situation outside of a bank. During a transfer of some hostages (as agreed upon by negotiators), shots are fired and a couple of the hostages are hit. This leads to a massive spray of bullets from both sides for several minutes, before the lead officer is able to call for a cease fire. Several officers have been wounded and/or killed, as well as the criminals and a few more hostages - but the officers manage to gain control of the situation.

Still with me?

Well during the investigation, it's determined that the original shots came from the "good guys" side of the fence. Further digging reveals that the security guard from a neighboring building pulled the trigger. Despite the strict protocol that only Law Enforcement Officers and Officials were allowed to be in the vacinity, he had been allowed to stick around because he didn't really pose a threat.

Except that now he's the one responsible for the blood bath. If the rules had been followed - he wouldn't have been there in the first place. And perhaps no one would have been killed or hurt.

If only the rules had been followed.....

Perhaps it isn't the best analogy, but I think that is what is going on with this fight by some citizens over proof of Obama's eligibility to have run for Office in the first place. After reading THIS ARTICLE this morning - I am very worried. It talks about how the American public voted him in - so that should be enough. Forget the fact that IF all of the correct protocol had been followed, it's likely that he never would have been an option for folks to vote for right?!? Leave it up to the voters? Forget the Constitution. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We're being encouraged to just forget the fact that the Constitution was written VERY carefully to try and protect us from having someone that doesn't 100% stand behind the American Way of Life as our Leader and Chief. It specifically addresses Natural Born Citizens, as well as dual-citizenship. Specifically. Our forefathers were very bright guys. They knew this was the land of opportunity that others from the around the world would continue to emigrate to and make their way. They knew that this would be a country that others would want to tear down. They knew how powerful and prosperous it would be. Freedom kind of does that for ya.

Those bylaws were put in place to protect us. Protect us from ourselves and ignorance. Let's face it - not everyone REALLY pays attention or digs for the facts. Lots of us just kind of "like a candidate" and vote. And if I hadn't known any better, hadn't done my homework (because it IS tiring to do your homework), I might have fallen for his more charming than McCain ways too. But I didn't. I did my homework. A few of us did - but only a few.

And now here we are. Being chastised by our elected officials. Come on..let this one go. It isn't that big of a deal....Shhh...don't be such sticklers for the rules. He got the majority vote...come on....don't be dicks.

My ass.
It's my country and I'll be a dick about it if I want to.

Edited to Add
Thanks to a fellow blogger, I came across a link to Obama's Timeline. It's been very thoroughly researched is very interesting. Thanks for the link, Ceredwyn!


Surly Mac said...

Good Job - you need to learn to be more direct, though; you know... really say what you mean! I'm glad SOMEBODY is saying what they mean about the issue. I just read that a couple of Republican Senators have informed their questioning constituents that the matter has been "settled"... because said so. So now anybody with a website is the "verifying authority" of a candidate's eligibility... but not a sitting US Senator. Boy, are we in trouble.... Thanks again.

Ceredwyn said...

What a great statement! And yes, some of us DID do our homework, as you say. But not enough of us, evidentally...
Liberals don't wanna to their homework, Jenn! They don't hafta! They're intitled! "Someone else can take care of us while we just run around and have fun!!"
Makes ya kinda wonder if any of these people actually grew up.
And now there's a seven-year-old brat running the country.
Yep, it's just one big 60's love fest. Can't ya see it through that purple haze...?