Monday, March 2, 2009

...even "mainstream" news is talking about it..sorta..

So apparently, AOL has been listening. There is a poll and story about what they call the "Birthers" pushing to have more documentation proving Obama's eligibility to have run for Office. Here is the Article.

Now it isn't very flattering naturally. But it goes to show that folks ARE listening and thinking. AND if you participate in the poll (which I did) you'll note that it is closer to a 50-50 split than what I would have guessed between participants that have doubts. You'd think that would be enough to have Obama just release his documents and get it over with. Right?!.....?! Well no - but I like seeing such close percentages. It boosts me up a wee bit to see folks paying attention.


Joe Reboy said...

We need to make sure this issue DOESN'T go away. It's too important. Keep up the good fight, nice post.

Ceredwyn said...

Very interesting, Jenn. Thank you for the information.
I have my own theory about the messiah's *citizenship*, as well.
And I think I feel another blog coming on... LOL.
Thank you for being out there in cyberspace. I really enjoy reading you!
All the best ~ Ceredwyn ~