Sunday, March 1, 2009

...the fight goes on

Article: Major General says president's eligibility needs proof

Folks are still fighting to have Obama's documents brought out of whatever deep and dark hole they've been buried in to prove he was in fact eligible to run for Office. Personally? I think this is the biggest hoax we've ever been witness to to in this country. When the truth finally is allowed to come out - what on earth are the court justices and politicians going to to do about it? Probably not a damned thing. Out of fear.

You have to ask yourself - why the secrecy? Why the many law firms hired to in fact keep his documents sealed and hidden? McCain complied with a very thorough investigation over his eligibility. Obama and his camp has fought it from the beginning. I bet they didn't think that folks would fight this hard or look this closely at the man's credentials.

I firmly believe the man is a liar and the biggest threat to the American way of life we've ever seen. But he isn't what scares me the most. What scares me the most is the fact that we, the people, will LET him get away with it. That we will continue to just sit blindly by and allow this man to change our entire way of life without so much as a peep about it. It terrifies me.

On a personal note, I'm tired of this nasty cold giving me vertigo. The world seems to spin enough on it's own!


conservative loud n proud said...

They will continue to refuse to produce the proof that Obama was even legal. His standing as a citizen, his education....

It has become one big joke. All we can do as bloggers is to keep informing the people of what the truth is.

Great post!

Joe Reboy said...

What I find interesting is that it's so damned hard to parse which one of the MANY hoaxes floating around there is the grandest. Remember, even IF we beat the drums long enough and loud enough and it turns out that he IS ineligible to be president of the Socialist States, that just means we can enjoy the next few years with Joe Biden as our focus, not creepy Mulatto guy.

Surly Mac said...

This entire matter goes beyond even Barack "The Emperor Has No Clothes" Obama and seems to extend into everything we Americans are doing. I got the following from Wikipedia on the topic of the "willing suspension of disbelief":

Many instances where suspension of disbelief is required are not due to elements which transcend laws of science of physics. They may be purely psychological elements based on history, culture, and human nature. For example. In many children's adventure tales, adults are often invariably depicted as less competent in order for the underage main characters to accomplish heroic deeds.

Whether it's Obama, the coming Cap & Trade, Global Warming or just the fact of a $3.6 TRILLION budget... we all seem to be engaging in the suspension of disbelief. I don't get it... but then; I never do.

Good post.

Ceredwyn said...

Let me add my two cents, if I may.
Obama was, in fact born in Hawaii. Ok. American citizen. Ok.
He and mom take off for overseas when mom re-marries.
In order for Obama to go to school, his (step) father denounces his (step) son's American citizenship.
Ok. Fast-forward.
Mom and Obama head back to the states after mom divorces.
At this point, mom should have started procedures to re-enstate her son's citizenship. Which she does NOT. Ok. Fine.
When Obama becomes "of age," he should begin the process of re-enstating his own citizenship.
Which he does NOT.
Hence, no proof of American citizenship.
Hence, NOT a citizen.
Hence, he did NOT qualify to run for president of these United States.
You take it from there. God help us.

Sarah said...

I honestly can't begin to believe how much people are ignoring the MANY things about this guy that are scary. All the while STILL pointing the finger at the last guy.

It's frightening what is happening to the world, people are just content to worship leaders and let everything be handed to them becoming mediocre (and that's stretching it)

Just Jenn said...

We just have to get more folks to read our blogs, people! Thanks for reading mine!