Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...wasting time on regrets

I saw this great poll today at Soda Head asking people if they REGRET VOTING FOR OBAMA. The funny thing is that (at the time I looked at the results) if the 16% that admits to regretting their vote were added up with the 39% that didn't vote - we'd have 55% of the votes. You know....the MAJORITY~! I just kind of dug it - so I thought I'd share.
POLL: Do you regret voting for Obama?
On the other hand - I really do wish that those that honestly do regret their vote would get off their collective butts and DO something about it. Blog. Send emails and letters. SOMETHING. Or are they and we just haven't heard anything?

In other less political news, I just really hate looking for work. So many quality people out there in my same situation. *sigh* It's almost as frustrating as watching Obama steadily sell us down the river.....[Oh wow..I just channeled Chris Farley. Should I get a van?!]

Edited to Add
Pajama Underground has this GREAT POST with excerpts from one of Obama's recent blunderings.....hinting that the religion of Islam helped shape America. Although he said "my own country" so perhaps he was being HONEST afterall? Because obviously - America isn't his country!


Joe Reboy said...

If it helps any, I certainly regret all those people who voted for Obama... does that count?

Sorry we're a country apart. Unemployment sucks big time and I sincerely feel for you. Just think of the unemployment insurance as your payroll for looking for work, get up every morning on a regular work-schedule, get dressed for interviews and go sell yourself to the highest bidder... (but not in an innappropriate sort of way...).

I will add a prayer for you on my next rosary.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at,

Surly Mac said...

Valiant try Just Jenn; I'm not expecting too many confessions of regret. About 45% of the 'non-black' vote went to BO (about the same for Clinton); I figure that's 30% Committed Left-o-Loons (who are DELIGHTED with BO) and 15% 'white-guilt' voters. Can't see them admitting the mistake.

Anonymous said...

I definately think you will see some buyer's remorse in the next 12-18 months from people who truly didn't understand what they were voting for, but as Surly Mac notes the suburbanite "white guilt" voters who put him over the top are not likely to admit their mistake anytime soon

We all need to be organizing to take back America in 2010.

Left Coast Rebel said...

I have seen buyer's remorse here in San Diego, what does it mean? I think that it means that dissatisfaction with Bush, etc that led to the Obama surge will abate and that he will go down in notwithstanding