Thursday, April 2, 2009

...from the mouth of Obama

So I did a little digging today around the White House Official Site/Blog. Have you guys ever been there? I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it to be honest. On the one hand, reaching out to America in a venue that so many Americans use seems practical. But...I can't help but wonder if it's a tad tacky. Of course's MUCH better than appearing on a late-night comedy show isn't it?!

ANYWAY that isn't really what prompted me to post twice in one day. [Still celebrating my son's birthday today!] No what prompted me was surfing around the Agenda section of the site that lists out the Barack/Biden Agenda. And let me tell you - I had myself a little giggle. Feel free to go and check it out for yourself, but I had to copy/paste some direct quotes.

Fiscal Agenda [Actual Link]
"President Obama has been a strong advocate for sound budget practices and the reduction of wasteful spending in Washington. He is committed to fiscal transparency and accountability and ensuring that all new tax cuts and spending commitments are paid for without burdening our children and grandchildren with excessive debt."
REALLY?! Huh because it sure seems to be "sound budget practices" to push legislation through that call for billions, or is it trillions now?, to be spent without allowing time for people to read and/or have a say. Not to mention ignoring those financial experts who shout how bad the plan is.

"End Wasteful Government Spending: Obama and Biden will stop funding wasteful, obsolete federal government programs that make no financial sense."
Again all I can muster in my head is...REALLY?!

Technology Agenda [Actual Link]
"Encourage Diversity in Media Ownership: Encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media, promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints, and clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum.
Gee - that sounds like The Fairness Doctrine to me. Or rather the Censorship Doctrine. You know forcing us to listen to viewpoints we don't want to. Forcing media to toe the government line. You know - KILLING FREE SPEECH.

Immigration Agenda [Actual Link]
"Bring People Out of the Shadows: Support a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens."
Sure it's okay if you snuck in here - between you and me we can make it work. How on earth are they going to force them to learn English? That is laughable.

"For too long, politicians in Washington have exploited the immigration issue to divide the nation rather than find real solutions. Our broken immigration system can only be fixed by putting politics aside and offering a complete solution that secures our border, enforces our laws, and reaffirms our heritage as a nation of immigrants."
"Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally: Remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants."

On a personal note, I was once married to a Scotsman and we went by the book in order to allow him to remain legally in the States. We went through interviews and documentation - the whole works. The immigration system isn't broken because it's too hard to get here for crying out loud. No what's broken is that our borders are NOT properly secured and enforced. By a long-shot. [And yes, I know that we have businesses and employers here who are willing to save money by not having to pay for health care, employment insurance, etc.] I just firmly believe that there needs to be a bigger deterrent AT THE BORDER. And I don't see Obama paying any attention to THAT.

Foreign Policy [Actual Link]
"Renew our Alliances: Obama and Biden will rebuild our alliances to meet the common challenges of the 21st century. America is strongest when we act alongside strong partners. Now is the time for a new era of international cooperation that strengthens old partnerships and builds new ones to confront the common challenges of the 21st century -- terrorism and nuclear weapons; climate change and poverty; genocide and disease."
Yeah- off to a great start with gifts of DVDs and an iPod, right?

"Ensure a Strong U.S.-Israel Partnership: Barack Obama and Joe Biden strongly support the U.S.-Israel relationship, and believe that our first and incontrovertible commitment in the Middle East must be to the security of Israel, America's strongest ally in the region. They support this closeness, and have stated that the United States will never distance itself from Israel."
Remember my post last month about his supporting reducing Israel's territory..? Off to another great start!

I could go on and on....but really the site deserves a look at by anyone who might read this blog. I was amused and disgusted all at the same time!


Ceredwyn said...

I really don't know which I enjoyed more..the quotes or your color commentary.
Umm...I think it was the commentary. ;)
I mean, really, you have to laugh or you'll cry. Or kill someone.
And yes, the iPod was a really BAD idea. I don't even want to think about who came up with that one.
Your comments on immigration: Right there with ya on that. It's gotten to the point (for me) where my working for Homeland Security is like adding insult to injury. And the Brits running the show now, well, that's a whole 'nother issue.
Oh. Wait...I think I feel a blog coming on. LOL.
Thanks for the heads-up, Jenn. You have a great way of keeping us informed and adding just the right bit of *wit* to your views.
Have a good night. Happy Birthday to your son.
Best, Ceredwyn

Anonymous said...

Great post!

They did a great job of using internet technology during the campaign (the GOP needs to pick up their game on that one0 but you're right- the WH website itself somehow seems just a tad...tacky. Maybe it's the idea that their putting all this tissue-thin BS up online and expecting people to take it seriously.

Of course, some people obviously ARE taking it seriously...but that's too depressing a thought for a Friday. :)

Just Jenn said...

Ahh Ceredwyn - I thank you! I couldn't help but allow a bit of sarcasm to just drip through :) Glad you liked the links!
I hear you Pajama! I even went into the "fun facts" section and frankly it was just....filled with CHEESE! Like you - I think that reaching out through the Internet DOES seem like a good idea to embrace - and the GOP needs to as well. But yeah the site...? It just felt WEIRD to have be there....

Surly Mac said...

Great post and terrific commentary. I recently checked the "World Economic Scorecard" and found:

Worth of ALL ENTERPRISES 1-1-09: $47 Trillion

Worth of ALL ENTERPRISES 4-1-09: $25 Trillion

Virtually anybody's retirement that was tied to various Investment accounts is... GONE.

How do ya' like it SO FAR? B.O. seems happy....

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at,

Joe Reboy said...

JJ, I just wanted to let you know, after I found these people thru Ceredwyn (thanks "Ed") I enjoyed this post so much I went ahead and nominated you and it for listing there. Now you're permanently hyperlinked at that site.

Keep up the work and believe me when I tell you you are not alone. We're growing.

Just Jenn said...

Wow thanks JR - that is really very cool of you! And thanks to Patrick and crew for linking to me!!! Ahh SM - I'm scared at how those numbers will drop even just by next month!

Anonymous said...

Jenn- I was actually referring to the original Susan Estrich piece referenced in the Thinker's blog.
Great post, BTW.

Anonymous said...

...on the other post, that, I am definately out of it : )

Just Jenn said...

Ha funny Pajama! I knew what you meant.