Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I thought Israel is our ally? Right?!

It's becoming clear I(to me) that the Prez wants that to change and soon......

Obama promises Palestinians he'll protect 'biblical heartland'
Obama hails 'anti-Israel' Arab plan
Obama 'friend': End of Israel 'within reach'

I can't be the only one worried and reading between the lines right?


Surly Mac said...

Sure, Israel can count on US... their Friend - the old anonymous quote, "With friends like these who needs enemies?" was probably first uttered in Yiddish... sometime around 1938.

Ceredwyn said...

True. Or perhaps, along with "surly mac," there is another anonymous quote that comes to mind:
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." A particular favorite of mine.

Sarah said...

Israel can take care of herself, I'm looking forward to the moment they feel un-backed by the US and take care of that middle-east problem for us when they don't answer to us either. It should be an interesting 4 years.