Thursday, February 19, 2009

gee why didn't I think of that....?

Article: US a nation of cowards about race

Oh so we have to have, "..frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us." Oh really?! Who does this guy think he's fooling?

No one really wants to have "frank" conversations about race. When white people try to have "frank" conversations or discussions with people of other races, anything that can be construed as negative is labeled as racist. There isn't any true debate option available. It isn't an even playing field. And yet white people carry the burden of guilt and responsibility for everything wrong with the nation.

It's human nature to group together with those that have similar likes, dislikes and values. You can't force or command or bend human nature to your will. It simply isn't possible. And it certainly isn't right.

And having said all of that - it's been over 140 years since Slavery ended. It's been over 30 years since the Civil Rights movement. It's been a decade or two since Affirmative Action went into play. And heck - it's only been a few months since a black man was in fact elected to the highest Office in this country. Seems to me that a lot of progress has been made.


Ceredwyn said...

Ah, yes. I see you were listening to Rush, too, this morning.
Um, yea. I'll have to *digest* this one a while, myself.
Liberals never cease to amaze me. If they could just take all that imagination of their's and focus it into something positive, they'd really have something. Alas....

Deb said...

I found this article after reading the one you posted. Thought this guy's response really good and thought I would share. You may have already seen it though. Sorry if you did.

Just Jenn said...

You're right Deb - that was a FANTASTIC editorial - thank you very much!