Friday, February 13, 2009

boot camp - day 2

I told you it wouldn't last.

Even after I told my son that I'd blogged about our little experiment (and he chuckled over it along with me), I still had to be "Enforcer Mom!" (say it out LOUD in your head like you would for a superhero...) last night. Say it with me now, "What a D U M M Y.".

So this time it was 40 push-ups. Then 40 jumping jacks. Then he lost his prized Jumpman Pro sneakers he'd gotten for Christmas. Believe me, I would have made him run around the block if it hadn't of been so late. Although I think I'll be adding sit-ups into the mix...

He did finish all of his homework. He did go to bed later than he's supposed to. I did enforce the rules in my house. I did curb tantrums and would-be insulting nonsense coming from out of his mouth. I still wish he wouldn't act so STUPIDLY. He won't ever win.

Mom: 2
Boy: 0

A little word about politics...
Someone told me today that on the TV show, "The View", the ladies were talking about how "Capitalism is unraveling" before our eyes. My friend and I just looked at each other. It's what we and others like us have been saying for MONTHS about the dangers of Obama and want he wants to do. However....I also say, "Better late than never, people!".

Wake up and smell the stink, America!!

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