Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

I'm scared. I'm concerned. I feel as if I'm one of the few true Americans left. Hence this editorial.

We currently have a President that I firmly believe is going to move our once-great nation into dark times unlike any we have ever seen. Unfortunately, it was fairly easy for him to win. Fairly easy for him to claim his throne and "rule". [His campaign's word NOT mine]. We made it very easy for this man to have his "historical" moment. The first black man to be elected. Whoop-dee-f'g-do.

But is he the RIGHT man? No. [He's a LEFT man - every pun intended.] Was he qualified? No. He has only been a Senator for a few years and never held any higher office. Was he even eligible to run for Office? I don't think so! And I've joined others in continuing the court cases to have him show proof - see here. Why the secrecy? What is he hiding? What fraud is he committing - and how did we let it happen? I'm more concerned with his agenda than his skin color or making history.

But I digress....what I'm really ticked at what Obama represents. Now in this time.

As a nation we have become lazy. Self-involved. Ignorant of what is going on in Washington. Why should we care really? We don't live there. What they do doesn't affect us - right? As a nation we've let our government become lazy and unmotivated to focus upon US - the voters that put them in their chairs in the first place. We've allowed the government to SPEND SPEND SPEND without paying attention to what was purchased. We've allowed our government to keep our Deficit growing instead of decreasing. Yes - we've allowed this to happen. You. Me. The weird guy down the street.

As a nation we've allowed ourselves to be distracted with Global Warming, being Politically Correct, and making sure that every other unfortunate soul in the world has the same rights as we do. In our distracted mode we've allowed our rights to be taken away - no, given away - to others that aren't even in our country's borders legally. We've allowed ourselves to be trained to be afraid of offending others. We've allowed ourselves to feel GUILT over being part of a successful system and country. We've allowed ourselves to forget what the founders of this country sacrificed and fought for - FREEDOM.

We are no longer free. We are held hostage by others' beliefs and desires. We are a mere shadow of the nation that we once were. We are the laughing stock of the world really. Not a nation to be taken seriously. Not anymore. There are terrorist training camps on U.S. soil. But we weren't supposed to know about it. Doesn't seem like anything was done about it. We have millions of illegal immigrants living here that receive financial aid paid for by you and me. We aren't allowed to effectively patrol our borders. We aren't going to be able to question terrorists in an effective manner to receive crucial information - no we're going to have to ask nicely and hope for the best. We're going to suffer through the Fairness Doctrine and watch Free Speech get flushed down the toilet. Our government just passed a $790 Billion Stimulus bill that is going to further erode our infrastructure and push our towards Socialism and Nationalism. I don't think we'll ever be able to recover.

And because we've allowed it and given him the keys, Obama will further drive our country right into the ground called Socialism. He doesn't respect individuality or personal gain [unless it's his own]. He wants to "remake America" for goodness sake. Not pull America out of it's economic slump and put it back on the track of being the World's most powerful nation. Oh no. He wants to "remake America". Into something else.

As I sit here and read what I've written, I realize that there is a reason that I don't make my living writing political essays for publications. But I am a citizen [yes a Natural Born Citizen!]. I am a registered voter. And I do pay attention. I do care. I do NOT support turning out nation into a Socialist nation or regime. I want to feel proud of my neighbors and know that we are all a part of something great. Something great. Something that embodies the values that I am teaching my son: honor, honesty, valor.

I remember what it was like when the great Reagan was our President. I remember what they taught us in history classes growing up about the importance of freedom at all costs and the price of liberty. I've noticed that they aren't teaching the same lessons in schools today. My son, who is in the 6th grade, didn't even know who Hitler was or what the Holocaust was. That's right. They aren't talking about that at his school. No they are teaching them what Islam religious leaders are called.

NOW is the time for people like me to pay even closer attention. To make sure that our political representatives do not continue to "drink the kool-aid" and become cowardly zombies in order to keep their pensions. It is up to us to make sure our voices ARE heard and to stand up for justice and truth.

And - dammit - the American Way.

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