Saturday, April 18, 2009

...everybody's working for the weekend

It's been an emotional week - this Tea Party week. Even though I've gotten angry, frustrated, irate, pissed off, disgusted, mortified, etc. - I still feel GOOD. I feel good about what I took part in. I even looked up some great quotes and posted them to the left over there <------ for folks to read.

I believe (I HAVE to believe it) that people are waking up. They've had enough. Those that were getting mad under Bush's 2nd term [I was one of them] have finally reached their boiling point. And they are standing up to Big Government and working hard to have their voices heard. We have to press on. Please make your voices heard.

In that spirit, my dad wrote a fantastic post that I have to push and share with you. I encourage anyone who stops by this little blog to please head over to his site and read this wonderful post. Hell read all of them. But his post from today is such a great read. Surly-Mac's American Comments.

In non-political talk, I thought it might be time for you to know a little bit more about me. I know I always like to know more about those folks whose blogs I enjoy reading. So here goes:
- I am raising my beloved son to be a good, strong, moral, kind man [I hope]
- I'm twice divorced, white, almost 41
- I'm changing my lifestyle to be more fit and healthy
- I'm a Weight Watchers Member
- I'm actively seeking employment [I'm a top notch Administrative Assistant!]
- I'm a huge fan-girl and love talking TV shows [theories, etc]
- LOST is my favorite TV show airing
- I've been actively online since 2001 and dabble in digital art/web design
- I cry nearly every time I hear the National Anthem
- I'm not religious at all & have no issue w/those of faith
- I'm afraid of flying
- I love animals
- I doubt I'll ever own a Hybrid, but do drive a sporty compact
- I believe we should drill on our own soil
- I love the Military (father former Marine/Police Officer; Ex is in the Navy)
- I believe in the Death Penalty
- I'll never vote to make abortion illegal
- I respect the 2nd Amendment; but not sure could ever own a gun
- I recycle and conserve water
- I love electronic gadgets like cellphones, computers, etc.
- I wish I had a dog instead of a guinea pig [landlord says no!]
- I've lived most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area [ugg the politics]
- I file and pay taxes on time
- I leaned more to the Left as a young adult
- I love alternative, rock-n-roll, country, classical, and pop music
- I think Miley Cyrus is a cutie-patootie
- I used to want to act for a living
- I would LOVE to earn money through blogging, etc.
- I really don't care what our torture techniques are; they're still more humane than around the world
- I'm strongly considering relocating to another state

I share that info in the hopes that these facts about me help fill in the blanks to any that might be curious about the gal behind the mouth.

I saw this great video over at Why Mommy is a Republican's blog. Thanks for the link!


Joe Reboy said...


Not sure I understood the one about abortion, but w'ever.

I'm confident that a fight has begun, and you can tell your son you were on the front lines of the first day of the war.

It may surprise you to know that at the tender age of 2, up until I was 4 (those were the years I fondly recall as being at my "fighting weight"...) I lived in California.

I don't miss it.

I live in a very provincial little town in the northern suburbs of Buffalo, NY, right at the mouth of the Erie Canal. It gets cold, it gets hot in the summer, it's kind of comfortable now, and it gets very visually dramatic in the fall.

Snow sucks, but you have not appreciated a nice warm summer-like day until you've come out of a long winter. Last year we had a mid-70s day for the first time after a prolonged cold snap and I just went out into the office parking lot and laid down on the drive. Warm tarmac.... that's good eats!

Keep 'em flying, soldier... this is gonna be a rough war... but those that make it to the other side can look back with pride that they fought the evil and they beat it.

And if we fail, at least we took a pound of flesh down with us.

Chris the Blog said...

Im just happy that the "right" has finally stepped up to the plate as far a having their voices heard. Thanks, im glad you enjoyed my post, my blog wasn't really meant for my political believes .I just can't help it haha.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 8 This post is a suggested read at,

Surly Mac said...

I sure hope that we can figure a way to pull the country out of this 'tail-spin' without... exercising a certain rightful alternative.
TEXAS has been on my mind since I did some truckin' down there 8 years ago... If they seal the border (and if they'll have me) I'm a candidate for the move... If I can escape ObamaLand with a little money left...

Elizabeth said...

The video of the mom standing up the tea parties has to be one of my favorite things ever. I just hope I have the guts to stand up like that if the need ever came up. Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully we can all start to support one another and make our voices hurt. Oh and nice list whether I agree with all of them or not. You put out there exactly what you believe.

Pistolmom said...

Love your site!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Wow, what a great post here! I love how you say that you tended to be more liberal when you were younger. What changed this? Was it gradual? Also I see that you are considering leaving CA. I am too, born and raised in San Diego, I am with a lot of people that feel the state is inhospitable or soon to be!

Just Jenn said...

Joe, not sure how you could miss CA when you were so young. :)

Chris, even though my blog here is supposed to be musings on politics and parenting, I find that I tend to post more about politics. I cannot help it either!

Mac, Texas continues to be on my mind more and more. But I have to get the family to go with me!

Elizabeth - thank YOU for stopping by!! Yes we all have to continue to talk and blog and just work to be heard!

Thanks, Pistolmom :)

LCR - I lived in San Diego for 5 years and did enjoy it. I seem to remember it being a bit more milder political climate than what I experience up here though! Yikes! And as far as my more idealogical and liberal youth - I just chalk it up to inexperience with life. Life just has a way of showing us what really matters - and weeding out what doesn't.

Deadman said...

Hi Jenn -

Found you via Admiral's. Were you at the Tea Party in SF on the 1st and/or 15th?

I attended both and am in contact with a gal organizing another.

i feel your pain re the job search.

Drop me a line at kotgd AT yahoo DOT com if you'd like more info re the people organizing here in the Bay Area.